We love Panini at our house. We love it so much that we actually served it at our wedding. We were lucky enough to get one tiny piece at the end of the night because the guests had devoured almost all of them up. We make different variations at our house now but this is the most common, simplest, and the kids favorite. We usually have a loaf of Crusty Artisan Bread laying around too.

We generally eat it with Tomato Basil Soup or Cheddar Broccoli Soup (recipe to come) during the winter and then chips and salad in the summer.


A little lesson on Panini. Panini is an Italian word meaning Sandwiches. Panino means one sandwich. Americans have changed it up and it generally means a grilled sandwich. Whatever the case, they are delicious.


Feel free to add whatever ingredients you want. I love it with mayonnaise, turkey, bacon, avocado, red onions, and artichoke hearts. Seriously, try it out although that’s more of an adult version. For the kids the basic ham and cheese is great. My kids do love to add the avocado though.



Day old Crusty Artisan Bread
Butter, softened

1-Make sure you have all desired ingredients and clean your work area.
2-Get your Day Old Crusty Artisan Bread and cut slices about ¾” thick.
3-Spread Butter on the outsides of the sandwich slices.
4-Spread Mayonnaise on the inside of one of the slices of bread.
5-Put cheese on top of the Mayonnaise then put desired meats on top of the cheese or whatever else you would like to put on the sandwich. I’ve tried artichoke hearts, sausage, grilled veggies, turkey, bacon, onions, tomatoes etc.
6-Put the top on the sandwich, making sure that the buttered part is on the outside.
7-Place inside a Cuisinart Griddler type thing or a George Foreman. If you don’t have one then you can do it like a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and flip it when you need to.
8-Once the panini is done, I like to open it up and put some avocado slices in it.
9-Clean up mess.
10-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!


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