We did a taste test on apples and had a lot of fun. I have my favorites but I’ve tried others before. I thought it was really fun to try them next to each other to really taste the difference.

Because the kids pallets are all a yes, no, pretty good, okay, etc. I decided to go to good old google and see what the experts have to say about each of the apples. Yes, no, pretty good, and okay are still very important and what we base most of our decisions on.

First, you need to have a good Apple Slicer. This one can be a bit tough to cut and the kids do struggle a little. I just love that it cuts them into 16 small slices and it pops them out for it. It is used EVERY. SINGLE. DAY in our house.


I will still continue to buy Gala apples for us to eat and Granny Smith for all pies, caramel apples, and apple crisps.

These are all stock photos and I’m not 100% sure I got the right apple for the right type but I think they are pretty close. Just don’t judge me too harshly.

Opal-Sweet, Sharp. Good for eating fresh.
opal apple

Fuji-Super Sweet, Crisp. Good for cooking, eating fresh, applesauce, apple pie.

fuji apple

Granny Smith-Tart, Crisp, Juicy. Good for cooking, eating fresh, and juice.

granny smith apple

Red Delicious-Juicy, Sweet. Good for eating fresh, and applesauce.

red delicious apple

Golden Delicious-Mildly sweet, juicy, crisp. Good for Applesauce, Pie, Cooking, and eating fresh.

golden deliciou

Braeburn-Rich, Tart, Spicy, Crisp. Good for baking and eating fresh.

braeburn apple

Honeycrisp-Sweet, Slightly Tart. Good for salads, baking, juice, and eating fresh.

honeycrisp apple

Gala-firm, sweet, snappy. Good for Applesauce, eating fresh, and salads.

gala apple

I hope you had fun and that you got to know apples a bit better like we did.

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