Birthday Cake Frosting


Don’t miss our post on making the cake.

I already said I’m not great at decorating cakes but this frosting is so good and so easy.

If it doesn’t look good, then we just hope it tastes good and this one wins.

Watch the video to see how we turned regular frosting into something amazing.

I do like it better with a homemade cream cheese frosting but for simplicity sake, we just went with store bought stuff.


1 jar vanilla frosting
2 tbsp seedless raspberry jam

1-Get a piece of a cardboard box and wrap it in foil or you can put it on a cute plate.
2-Get your frosting ready. To make it easy and delicious we just used store bought frosting and added some seedless Raspberry Jam made by Smuckers. Just add about 2 Tbsp to the frosting and it will make it taste so yummy.
3-Put a dab of frosting in the middle on the plate then put your cake on it so it won’t slide around when you try to decorate it.
4-Unwrap your cake mix and add some frosting between the layers, or we used some raspberry pie filling.
5-Put a big pile of frosting in the middle of the cake and work it down and around the cake. Watch the video for the example on how to do it.
6-Clean up mess.
7-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!! Happy Birthday.

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