In order to make the perfect BLT you must have the correct bacon and it has to be prepared the right way. I hate when I bite into a BLT and all the bacon comes out because it’s too chewy. Ew.

Having said that, make sure you watch our previous video on How to Make Bacon. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon!!! It just has to be yelled out and said in a weird voice.


The bacon weave is so easy and then you are guaranteed to get a piece of bacon in every bite.

bacon-weave done

Another thing I’ve discovered when making a BLT, is that it’s so much better to have the bread toasted. The type of bread is also a huge key ingredient with every sandwich. I seriously have so many different breads that I make and buy just for different types of sandwiches. This French Bread from Costco was so delicious for our BLT’s.


Of course, home grown summer tomatoes straight from the garden play a huge role as well. I miss having a garden this year (sad face).


With it being summer and having all the kids home all day I have been super tired. Add building a house on top of it and by Sunday I don’t want to do anything. I used to make a pretty big Sunday meal but I just don’t have it in me right now. Instead we have been having sandwiches for Sunday dinner and we’ve loved it. The kids love certain sandwiches but I’m trying to make them try new things. They had never had a BLT before so we made them for Sunday and to my surprise, they all loved them. Jane even ate one, without the tomato of course.

BLT-big and open

These really are a great summer dinner that don’t take long and they can be pretty refreshing too. The bacon heats up really well if you wanted to make a bunch of bacon ahead of time.

BLT-half sandwich


Loaf of French Bread
Bacon (cooked in a weave-see bacon video)
Tomato, sliced

1-Make sure you have all your ingredients and clean your work area.
2-Prepare the bacon weave as instructed in the How to Make Bacon Video.
3-Toast some French Bread slices.
4-Spread a layer of Mayonnaise on toasted bread.
5-Layer the Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato on the Mayonnaise.
6-Top with the other slice of French Bread.
7-Clean up the mess.
8-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!