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I have a hard time teaching my own kids how to cook. I’m a chef and I like things done right and done quickly. When I have my kids help in the kitchen I slowly take over. It’s something I’m working on but it’s super hard.

I don’t do that with other kids though. I love teaching other kids, just not my own. Is that bad?

I started teaching some kids cooking classes and it has been So. Much. Fun. I’m realizing what kids actually like making and what is fun for them. This month, we made these Cheese Roll-Ups and also learned out to crack eggs. Do

you know what the kids loved most? Cracking the eggs!

Not only did they crack them but they loved reaching into the cup and playing with the eggs. It was so gross and so messy but they loved it! I realized that I wouldn’t let my kids ever do that and their moms probably wouldn’t let them do it either. Cooking class was the perfect place to do it.

They did love getting their hands dirty while making this dough too. It was smooth at first with just the butter. After we add the milk it gets really sticky and messy. Then we knead it with our hands and it becomes soft.

cheese roll-up

Cheese Roll-Up

4 Tbsp. Softened Butter
1 ¼ cups Flour
2 tsp. Baking Powder
½ tsp. Salt
1 tsp. Paprika
½ cup Cheddar Cheese

1-Turn the oven on to 425 degrees.
2-Clean your work area, get your ingredients ready, and wash your hands.
3-Mix the flour, baking powder, salt, and paprika in a bowl.
4-Add the butter and rub all the ingredients together with your hands until the butter is all mixed in.
5-Add the milk and mix with a spoon, then when it get too hard, mix it with your hands.
6-Dump it out onto a clean counter and knead it until is pretty smooth.
7-Roll the dough into a rectangle using a rolling pin.
8-Sprinkle the cheese over the entire piece of dough.
9-Starting on one end of the long side, roll the dough up all the way. Pinch the end together with the rest of the roll.
10-Using a butter knife of a pastry knife, slice the log into 10-12 pieces.
11-Spray a sheet pan or lay parchment paper down on a sheet pan. Lay the pieces of dough on the pan with the spirals facing up. Flatten them a little with your hand.
12-Carefully place in the oven and bake for 18-20 minutes.
13-While it’s baking, clean up your mess.
14-Carefully remove the pan from the oven. Let them cool down for a few minutes.
15-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!

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