Cinnamon Caramel Corn


I am obsessed with popcorn so when it comes to popcorn that has 1-Caramel, 2-Cinnamon, 3-Pecans, and to top it all off 4-White Chocolate. Can I get a heck to the ya?

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What I also love about this recipe is that you don’t have to cook it on the stove. I love cooking on the stove but when it involves the kids and my gas range I do get a little scared. It still comes out of the microwave a bit hot but there is no fire.

First, you need to pop the kernels. I prefer using an air popper. It doesn’t have to be a fancy one at all.

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Make the caramel and pour over the popped popcorn.

Bake at 250 degrees for 30 minutes. Make sure to stir it around every 10 minutes to get a more even cook.

Drizzle the chocolate over the caramel corn and let it harden. It’s really a pretty easy recipe and it’s one to impress. It’s fun to package it all up cute and give as gifts too.

cinnamon caramel corn

Cinnamon Caramel Corn

12 cups Popped Popcorn (½ cup kernels)
1 cup chopped Pecans
1 cup Brown Sugar
¾ tsp Cinnamon
1 cube Butter
¼ cup Corn Syrup
1 tsp Vanilla
½ tsp Baking Soda

1 cup White Chocolate Chips

1-Make sure your work area is clean and you have all your ingredients.
2-Turn your oven on to 250 degrees.
3-Pop the ½ cup kernels and remove the seeds as much as possible. Keep the 12 cups of popcorn in a large bowl and add the pecans. Set the bowl aside.
4-Get a medium size, microwave safe bowl and put your brown sugar and cinnamon in and mix.
5-Cut up the butter and place on top of the butter. Pour the corn syrup on top of everything.
6-Place in the microwave for 30 seconds then stir. Return it to the microwave and cook for another 2 minutes. Remove it carefully and stir. Return to the microwave one more time for 2 minutes. Remove carefully and stir.
7-Add the vanilla and baking soda and stir to combine.
8-Pour carefully over the popcorn and mix until the popcorn is well coated.
9-Pour the popcorn onto a sheet pan lined with parchment paper or a sili pad.
10-Place in the oven and bake for 30 minutes. Make sure to stir it every 10 minutes.
11-Remove it from the oven and spread it out over a larger piece of parchment paper or use 2. You could also use wax paper or foil.
12-Melt the white chocolate chips in the microwave 30 seconds at a time until it’s all melted.
13-Carefully dip your fingertips in the white chocolate and drizzle over the popcorn.
14-Wait for the chocolate to harden then you can break the popcorn into chunks.
15-Clean up the mess.
16-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!

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4 years ago

So yummy! Thanks for sharing this recipe!