Fruit Salad


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love fruit. It’s sweet and delicious, but the best part is that it is healthy. It can be made in any season too, just use different seasonal fruits.

My kids think I am the best mom when I make fruit salad with dinner. They eat it up so quick and always ask for more.

I came into the kitchen after filming the video and caught my kids doing this.

fruit salad-kids eating

They all have a job to do too. It’s easy to wash fruit and take grapes off the stem. Some things might need a little supervision when a knife is involved.

fruit salad-washing

fruit salad-feature

Don’t forget the secret sauce. It does make it less healthy, but we don’t add that much. It just enhances the flavor of the fruit. Try it out. I lived in Brazil for a year and a half and they love using Sweetened Condensed Milk and they have the best fresh fruit. It’s something I learned ¬†while living there. My dad is also from Chile so we grew up with the stuff.

Save the rest of the can of sweetened condensed milk in another container and place it in the fridge. It will last forever!

Fruit Salad

fruit salad-pinterest

Fruit Salad

Choose a few of your favorite fruits:

Sweetened Condensed Milk (optional)

1-Make sure you have a few different types of fruit for your Fruit Salad.
2-Clean your work area.
3-Wash any fruit that needs to be washed.
4-*With the help of an adult, peel and cut the fruit into small pieces.
5-Mix All the fruit together in a bowl.
6-Clean up the mess.
7-Dish into small bowls and spoon a little bit of Sweetened Condensed Milk on top of the fruit.
8-Eat, Share, Enjoy!