People pay big bucks to buy guacamole when it’s so easy to just make. People think it’s really complicated, and it can be more complicated if you wanted to add onions, cilantro, and tomatoes. Today, we’re just doing a basic, simple, guacamole. It’s nothing special but it tastes good and it’s with stuff you probably already have on hand.


I know some people like to add guacamole on sandwiches instead of using mayonnaise. We like to eat guacamole with chips and most other Mexican dishes we eat. It’s yummy on the quesadillas we made last week too. When it comes to chips, Juanitas chips are the best!!! Hopefully you can find them at your local grocery store.

Be careful when cutting the avocado and when taking the seed out. I really think that using a good knife is safer than using a dull knife. You don’t have to use as much force which is where accidents really happen. I really really really like the Victorinox 8″ Chef Knife. It isn’t ridiculously expensive like some chef knives and it works really well. Just don’t look at mine closely because mine fell on the floor right on the tip so it is dented (sad day).

There are things that the kids need supervision on so be careful. The kids really liked scooping it out and smashing it too. There is always something the kids can do if we just have a little patients.


If you go to the store and you can’t find a soft avocado, just let it sit out for a couple of days until it gets soft. It usually doesn’t take too long at all. I like to buy a lot at the same time and once they are all ripe, I stick them in the fridge and they will last at least a week. That means I can make and eat guacamole all week long.




1 ripe avocado
1 tsp. Lime juice (fresh is best but use whatever you have)
Garlic salt
Black Pepper

1-With the help of an adult, cut the avocado in half using a large chefs knife. I love my Victorinox knife.
2-Put the avocado half with the seed down on a cutting board or plate. Use the same large chef knife to hit the seed in the middle. The seed will attach to the knife, give it a little twist and it will come out of the avocado.
3-Use a spoon to scoop out all of the avocado from the peel.
4-Put the avocado on a plate and use a fork to smash it until it is all smashed.
5-Add the lime juice and little sprinkles of the garlic salt, cumin, black pepper, and more salt if you want. Mix it all together. If it doesn’t have enough flavor, add a little more. It’s always easier to add more than to take some away so just add a little at a time.
6-Clean up your mess.
7-Eat, Share, Enjoy!

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