Halloween Treats – Part 2


We are here with even MORE fun Halloween Treats. These ones are even more easy.  I almost don’t even need to give instructions on them. You can just look at the pictures and figure it out. I will anyway though…just in case.


I am in love with how cute these little monsters are. They are so easy and think of the color possibilities. You can buy candy melts here or just at your local Wal-Mart. Melt 1 cup of the candy melts and add 1 1/2 cups of the chow mein noodles. If you wanted to get crazy you could had some marshmallows too but we didn’t. Scoop them onto a silicone sheet and add the candy eyeballs right away. Seriously though, use a silicone sheet. We put some on a glass plate and they did not come off very pretty.
halloween-chow bein monsters
What if you did them in white chocolate with eyes? They could look like ghosts. Oh the possibilities.

Ok, these witches broomsticks are so simple. Put a bunch of these on a plate at a Halloween party and they will be a huge hit. The best part is that they are sooooo easy. So easy that we did them upside down in the video. What was I thinking? Anyway, do them the right way as shown in the picture.

halloween-reeces broomstick

Did I say the broomsticks were easy? That was before these Halloween Ghost cheese sticks. After so many sweets on Halloween it’s always nice to have something a little savory. These are great for kids lunch boxes too. Just draw eyes and a mouth on a cheese stick and you have a ghost. So E-A-S-Y.

halloween-ghost string cheese

While we are talking String Cheese. Go ahead a peel them and make some freaky Witch Fingers with them. I just used a shish-ka-bob skewer and pressed them down halfway to create a little indentation. Cut up a little piece of green, orange, and/or red pepper for finger nails and you’re done!

halloween-witch finger string cheese

I bought a bag of clementines and just drew little faces on them. Each one was a little different and the kids LOVED them. They ate the whole bowl in 2 days. They were so cute sitting there on my counter.

halloween-jakc-o-lantern orange

OR, you could peel the clementine/mandarine/tangerine/orange and put a little piece of celery in it with part of the leaf and it will look like a pumpkin. I love how it’s healthy too. This is great through November. We like pumpkin season to last as long as possible.

halloween-orange pumpkin

These little Mummy Marshmallows are so cute. they good to just eat or put by a hot chocolate bar. I know my kids like to just eat marshmallows so they don’t last long at our house. I’ve even stuck them on top of a cupcake before and they were cute.

Use some kitchen scissors and make 2 cuts in the big marshmallow. Stick some M&M’s in there for eyes and a mouth. We used mini M&’s for the eyes and mouth in this picture but it looks better with a regular M&M for the mouth. Either is fine though. I’ve done a Jr. Mint for the mouth as well. The Jr. Mint is good if you’re doing it for a hot chocolate bar.

halloween-marshmallow mummy

Cut a banana in half and stick them with a stick. If you are not serving these right away I would dip them in white chocolate so they don’t brown and get all gross. I use these as a fun after school snack for the kids so we don’t do the chocolate. Add a dab of chocolate for a raisin to stick or just leave the chocolate by itself. It’s a great combination either way.

halloween-ghost bananas

These can get a little more tricky because you are using a sharp knife so be careful. Cut an apple in quarters. Then cut a wedge out of it. If you don’t plan on eating them right away, dip them in some water with lemon juice so they don’t turn brown. Spread some melted chocolate or peanut butter in the part that you cut out and add some marshmallows. Pinch the 2 end ones to look like sharp vampire teeth.

halloween-apple teeth

Didn’t I say these would be easy? I don’t personally love Halloween so anything I can do to be fun but not take my whole day is what I’m all about. Bonus is that these are easy enough for the kids to do without getting frustrated and they are appropriate for any age.

Have fun with us this Halloween and make some or all of these. Don’t forget to check out Halloween Treats-Part 1

1 1/2 cups Chow Mein Noodles
Edible Candy Eyeballs
1 cup chocolate melts (we used purple and green but use whatever color you want)

Melt 1 cup chocolate melts. Add 1 ½ cups of chow mein noodles. Mix them together. Using 2 spoons, drop balls onto a silicone sheet. Add the edible eyes to make little monsters. Wait until they have dried and hardened to move them or serve them.

Witch’s Broom
Mini Reese’s Candy
Pretzel sticks

Unwrap the Reese’s and stick a pretzel in the middle. Make as many as you need.

Cheese Ghost
String cheese without writing on it (I bought the generic Walmart brand)
Sharpie black marker

Draw ghost eyes and mouth on the string cheese wrapper.

Monster Fingers
String Cheese
Green, Orange, Yellow, or Red Pepper

Unwrap the string cheese. It is a little easier if the cheese has been sitting out for a bit to soften it up. Using the skewer, press down on the cheese to make little indentations. Make 2 marks ⅓ of the way down and 3 marks ⅔ of the way down. Cut a pepper into small pieces and place them on the tip of the string cheese to make it look like a fingernail.

Jack-O-Lantern Orange
Mandarin Oranges (Cuties or Halos)
Sharpie black marker

Draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on the orange.

Pumpkin Orange
Mandarin Orange (Cuties or Halos)
Celery stick with leaves
Peel the orange. Cut a little piece of celery and stick it in the middle of the orange with a little bit of leave on it. It will look like a pumpkin. You could also use green pepper left from the Monster Finger.

Marshmallow Mummy
Large Marshmallows
M&M’s (mini and regular size)

Using some clean kitchen scissors, cut 2 slices into the marshmallow. Stick 2 mini M&M’s in for the eyes and a regular one in for the mouth. Any colors will work. Have fun with it.

Ghost Bananas
Melted chocolate
White chocolate if you want to dip them
Sucker sticks

Peel the banana and cut it in half. Add melted chocolate drops for ghost eyes and a ghost mouth. Add raisins on top of the chocolate.
If you will be serving them later at a party you don’t want them to change color. You can melt white chocolate and dip the banana in the white chocolate then add the raisins for eyes and a mouth.

Apple Teeth
Melted chocolate

Cut apple into 4 pieces. Cut the seeds out. With the help of an adult, carefully cut out a wedge in the apple. Squeeze chocolate in the center and quickly place marshmallows in for teeth. We squeezed the end ones at the tips to make it look like vampire teeth.