Homemade Oreos and Mint Cookies


Oreos are like crack. You really can’t just eat one. Homemade Oreos are totally different because they are so good but so rich that you really can only eat one. I feel much better about eating 1 Homemade Oreo than I do about eating a whole sleeve of the packed stuff. Milk is still a requirement though.

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My favorite part about these cookies is that you can really make 2 types of cookies at the same time. If you love mint and chocolate then you can make some of the easiest and best mint cookies without doing too much extra work.

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It just takes a few ingredients which makes it so great for the kids. It’s easy to keep them on hand for emergency cookie cravings too.


If you have never made a cookie from a cake mix then you are in for a treat. They are good and so easy!!! Try different cake flavors for different cookie types. Hint:Lemon is my next favorite.

homemade oreos

Have fun and let the kids make these!!!

Homemade Oreos

1 Devil’s Food Cake Mix
2 eggs
½ cup oil
Vanilla Frosting

Homemade Mint Cookies

1 Devil’s Food Cake Mix
2 eggs
½ cup oil
Andes Mint pieces or Andes Mints

1-Make sure you have all your ingredients.
2-Turn your oven on to 375 degrees.
3-Open cake mix and pour it in a bowl or mixer.
4-Add the oil and eggs and mix.
5-Get a pan ready and spray the bottom. I prefer to use parchment paper or a silicone pan liner.
5-Roll your dough into balls. I don’t like them too big but it all depends on how big you want them. Just make sure they are all about the same size. I like to use a #50 scoop to keep them all the same size. Make sure you don’t put them too close together because they spread.
6-Bake them for 7-8 minutes. A good way to tell if they are done is when they start to crack on the top. If they aren’t cracking, they aren’t ready. Pull them out as soon as they have cracks though.
7-If you are making Oreo’s then you will let them cool down completely. You can transfer them to a cooling rack after 5 minutes to speed up the cooling process or let them cool on the cookie sheet. Once they are cool, spread your vanilla frosting on the bottom side of a cookie and match it up with another cookie and put the two bottom sides together to make an Oreo.
8-If you are making the mint cookies you will want to sprinkle the Andes pieces on top right away. You could also just put a full Andes mint on top and let it sit for a minute or two then spread it around with a knife. The heat from the cookie will melt the chocolate and leave it with a nice chocolate topping on top. Let the cookies cool.
9-Clean up the mess.
10-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!

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