Kool Aid


Who is ready for a fun Kool Aid stand this summer? All the kids cheer and the moms comply willingly right? Right?

I think it’s great when the kids want to sell drinks to make some money. Entrepreneurs at a young age can’t be a bad thing.

The important part is to let them make the drinks themselves. It’s not hard, so let them do it. They can watch this video and follow right along.

Kool Aid 1

As always, make sure you have all your ingredients. There is nothing worse than promising your kid a Kool Aid stand, only to find out you don’t have enough sugar or Kool Aid for that matter. Yikes!

Kool Aid 2

It’s very important to add the ice in with the water. You don’t want to add the ice later because it will melt and the Kool Aid will be watery and gross.

Kool Aid 3

Give it a good stir.

Kool Aid 4

Make it look pretty and serve it up!

Kool Aid 5

Kool Aid

Kool Aid

1 package Kool Aid
1 cup sugar
2 liter container or juice pitcher

1-Make sure you have all your ingredients.
2-Clean work area and wash hands.
3-Pour 1 cup of sugar into the pitcher.
4-Dump your package of Kool Aid in with the sugar and mix it around a little.
5-Add half of the water and stir really well. Make sure you get all the sugar in the bottom.
6-Add some ice then the rest of the water.
7-Mix a little more and put in fridge or serve immediately
8-Clean up your mess.
9-Drink, Share, Enjoy!.