Oreo Balls


Oreo Balls are something so easy to make and are so delicious. I took it up and notch and added some candy cane bits in it. It’s adds a subtle hint of mint, a little crunch, and whole lot of yummy.

oreo balls-pinterest

First, you want to get your Oreo’s and put them in a food processor. You really do need something that will grind them up fine. Add your cream cheese and make sure they are well mixed. Add your crushed up candy canes if you want, and mix it into the Oreo mixture by hand.

Roll the Oreo mix into balls and put on a sheet pan. I like to use parchment paper. Once they are all rolled out on a sheet pan put them in the freezer or fridge for about an hour. If you try to dip them before, they are too soft and it will make a mess in your chocolate. Trust me on this one.

Melt your chocolate. We used candy melts because they melt nicely and they harden well. Working with chocolate can be tricky so it’s nice to have the melts to make it easier. It’s fun to have different colors all ready to go for you.

We put the melted chocolate into a paper cup because it’s easier to dip into something deep without having to use so much chocolate. Once we were done it was nice to just throw it away too.

oreo balls-cup

oreo balls-white cup

Place your chocolate ball in the cup and use a fork to scoop around it and bring it up. Give it a little tap to smooth out the top and get rid of any extra chocolate on the balls.

oreo balls-red

Have another sheet pan lined with parchment paper ready. Place the Oreo ball on the parchment and use a knife to slide it off the fork.

oreo balls-off fork

Sprinkle some of the extra crushed up candy cane on top of the Oreo ball so people will know what to expect inside the balls. You can also drizzle a different color of chocolate on top. We put white chocolate on the red and red chocolate on the white. It turned out very pretty.

oreo balls-drying

We had some extra chocolate on the bottoms of the balls. You can easily cut those off once the chocolate has hardened.

oreo balls-closeup plate

oreo balls-bite

Eat, Share, Enjoy.

Store any extra Oreo balls in a sealed container in the fridge.

Oreo Balls

3 sleeves Oreos or 1 pkg.
8 oz. cream cheese, softened (I used ⅓ less fat)
Chocolate for dipping, we used Wilton Candy Melts
5 candy canes

1-Make sure you have your ingredients.
2-Place all your oreos and cream cheese in a food processor.
3-Mix until it’s all combined.
4-Dump it out into a bowl.
5-Open your candy canes and put them in a heavy duty ziplock bag. Smash them into small pieces.
6-Add most of the candy canes in with the oreos and mix them in.
7-Roll them into balls about the size of a quarter and freeze the balls for 1 hour.
8-While they are freezing, clean up your mess.
9-Get your chocolate ready. You can melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time or melt it on a double boiler. Boil a small pot of water and stick a metal or glass bowl with chocolate on top of the pot. It will slowly melt the chocolate. Be very careful not to burn yourself. Make sure you have the help of an adult.
10-Dip the balls in the chocolate then pull it out carefully using a fork or a special dipping tool. Carefully slide it off onto a sheet pan with parchment paper. You may need to use a knife to help it come off.
11-Sprinkle some candy cane crumbs on top and let them sit until they set and dry.
12-After they sit and dry, you may need to cut off the extra chocolate pieces around the bottoms to make it look more round.
13-Eat, Share, Enjoy! Keep any extra in a container in the fridge.

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