I know you are thinking, “How difficult can a quesadilla be?” Well, these are different that just popping them in the microwave to melt the cheese. They are even different than heating them on the stove. This is a quick way that will actually get all of the cheese to melt without making the tortilla cook too much and harden. I know you know what I’m talking about. They never even burn my kids mouths. It’s amazing.

The kids help cook the tortillas while I do the rest. As they get older they help more and more.

The best is to use the raw tortillas. We get the large pack from Costco. I usually split them up and freeze them in bundles of 10-12 even though they say not to.

Get your pan hot, then start cooking your tortillas. This part does take a while if you are cooking a lot of them but it is also the part that the kids can do. The first one or two tortillas take a bit longer but then it goes pretty fast.

quesadilla-tortilla in pan

The first side also takes longer than the second side so watch out of that. Jules likes to smash the bubbles as they come up.

quesadilla-cooked tortilla

Once they are all cooked you can start doing the cheese.

Sprinkle the cheese right on the pan. Try to use cheddar cheese because it’s higher in fat so it comes off the pan better than one like mozzarella. I have never measured how much cheese but I would guess about 2 Tbsp for a rolled up one and a 1/4 cup for a full one. You have to  move fast on this because it  melts super fast.

quesadilla-cheese in pan

Once you sprinkle the cheese, add a cooked tortilla on top and move it around a little to loosen the cheese. Turn the pan over on a cutting board and add the other tortilla on top or roll it up right away. Do it until all of the quesadillas are done.

quesadilla-csheeeand t ortilla

quesadilla-cooked cheese


quesadilla rolled up

It’s as quick and easy as that. It might take some time getting used to it but once you get the hang of it, you will never go back.

My kids love to dip it in some mild salsa. Add some veggies or fruit and you have yourself a decent meal.

quesadilla in salsa


2 raw tortillas
¼ cup cheddar cheese

1-Get your non stick pan hot and get your ingredients ready.
2-Cook your tortillas. The first one takes a while to cook but the rest go quickly. The second side always cooks a lot quicker too so watch it carefully.
3-Take the tortilla off and cook the other one or more if you are making more. If you are making more than one quesadilla then cook all the tortillas first.
4-Turn you the temperature down a little on the stove and sprinkle some cheese right on the pan. Quickly put a tortilla over the cheese and move it around quickly to release the cheese.
5-Turn the pan over upside down on a cutting board or plate and put another cooked tortilla on top of the melted cheese or roll it up if you want it rolled up. Keep doing it until you are all done.
6-Cut them up or eat it whole. We like to cut them up and dip them in salsa.
7-Clean up your mess.
8-Eat, Share, Enjoy!