Rainbow Salad


The kids LOVE holidays of any sort. I feel like the retail world is capitalizing on it and getting us to buy more and more stuff.

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I’m not one to make leprechaun traps or anything but I will take advantage of any way to make them eat something healthy. They loved making their own little rainbow salads and really enjoyed eating them as well. Parent win!

Raindow Salad, kids

For the rainbow salad you need a food item for each color. It could be whatever you already have or whatever you like best. You will need them in the colors listed below. Here are a few ideas:

Red-Tomatoes, Red peppers, beets, radish,
Orange-Orange Peppers, cheddar cheese, carrots, butternut squash, sweet potatoes
Yellow-Corn, yellow peppers
Green-lettuce, green beans, peas, spinach, broccoli, cucumber, avocado
Blue-blueberries…? We just skipped blue
Violet-Purple cabbage, red onion (It’s called red onion but it’s mostly purple)

Layer each color in order, or whatever order you want. Try to make it the most colorful. Put a little salad dressing on top and enjoy. It’s so fun eating all these colors together.

Don’t forget to clean up your mess.

Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!