School Lunches


Mornings can be such a chaotic time. When I heard about all of these little things you can do to make the mornings go a little smoother I jumped on it. I’ve been doing a snack bin for a while, thanks to Super Healthy Kids.

When I heard about the ham and cheese sandwiches and making them on the small rolls I was blown away that I had never thought of it before. I heard it from Fun Cheap or Free. The best part was that you can freeze them! That’s right. I just made 36 sandwiches and they are all in the freezer. The kids don’t even notice I difference. I keep a pile in the fridge but when it runs low, I add more from the freezer. I haven’t tested to see if they thaw out from the freezer until lunch time yet.


The younger kids have a hard time making their own sandwiches so I dreaded having to make their sandwiches for them every morning. They were so indecisive too. Now they don’t have to think about it, they just take a sandwich and they are fine with it. Sometimes adding more options for the kids is harder on them.

lunch-sliced bread

When the kids come home from school and want a snack I make them finish their lunches first. So many times they had half of their sandwich left. Making them on the smaller rolls has stopped that waste and now they actually finish all their lunch and they aren’t hungry either.

The way we do lunches now is so much more affordable and doable. I calculated that it would cost our family $35 per week if the 4 older kids got school lunch. I’ve seen them eat those lunches too and half of it goes in the garbage. What a waste! I haven’t calculated how much I spend but it is much cheaper. I do allow them to pick one meal a week to eat at school and that has kept us all balanced and happy.

Take a day to just bag up some snacks and stock up the snack bins. It takes about an hour to fill all 4 of these bins up and then we are good for a week or 2. I’ve been doing it on Sunday to prepare me for the week ahead and it’s worked out great.

I like to keep things a little balanced so I have them add some dairy.


They can pick a fruit or veggies. Sometimes I add some little containers of Peanut butter to dip the apples in or some ranch for the veggies. They haven’t asked lately so I haven’t been doing it.

lunch-fruit and veggie bin

It’s always nice having something a little salty with a little crunch. It’s so much cheaper bagging my own chips and they get the chips they like.

lunch-salty snacks

Of course they need a little sweet too.

lunch-sweet snacks

School Lunch Sandwiches

Bread (we used Hawaiian Rolls)

1-Clean your work area.
2-Get two pieces of bread or slice a roll in half. Be careful when using a knife.
3-Put ham on the top and bottom of each piece of bread and cheese on one of the slices of bread.
4-Put the sandwich together.
5-Bag the sandwich in a ziplock style bag and try to get as much air out as possible.
6-Keep the sandwich in the fridge for 3-5 days or put in the freezer for up to one month.
7-Clean up mess.
8-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!