Some of my kids love cereal, other don’t. Some of them have toast every day for breakfast. Here is a fun way to make it a little more festive and fun.

I love this idea because it doesn’t create a bigger mess.


It’ fun to do for holidays.

It’s good for practicing letters as well. If you focus on a letter of the week, use that letter cookie cutter to make the shape.


Go crazy with it and show us what you’ve done.



Butter, softened
Cookie Cutters

1-Make sure you have all your ingredients.
2-Clean your work area and wash your hands.
3-Get your bread and cookie cutter ready.
4-Gently press down with the cookie cutter on the bread. Try not to go all the way through but press deep enough that it shows in the bread.
5-Stick the bread in the toaster and toast lightly.
6-When the bread comes out, spread with butter.
7-Clean up.
8-Eat, Share, Enjoy!

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