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Whipped Cream is something you can use for so many purposes. We tend to use it mostly for our breakfast foods. The kids love it on French Toast, Crepes, pancakes, Swedish Pancakes (recipes to come), and today they loved it with some fresh berries.

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Every once in a while we use the Reddi Whip from a can. We all love the idea of it because it’s super convenient. Once they start eating it, they realize how flavorless and tasteless it is. It really isn’t that much work to make some real stuff and make your food taste way better.

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Whipped Cream starts out and whipping cream. It’s like a really thick milk. There are many purposes for whipping cream but once you whip it, it makes Whipped Cream. You do have to add some sugar and vanilla to give it flavor though.

Sometimes when mixing the cream with your hand mixer it can tend to splatter all over the place. I’ve discovered that getting 2 paper towels and putting a hole in the middle helps. The attachment goes through the hole. Make sure to do this before attaching it to the machine.

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This allows you to drape the paper towels over the bowl and it catches all the splatter. As soon as it gets thick enough then it won’t splatter anymore.

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Add the powdered sugar and vanilla once it is has thickened.

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Now it’s ready to eat. Spoon it on top of whatever you are making it for…or just eat it plain. I know my kids do.

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Whipped Cream

1 Cup Heavy Whipping Cream
⅓ Cup Powdered Sugar
1 tsp. Vanilla

1-Make sure you have everything you need and clean your work area.
2-Pour 1 cup of Heavy Whipping Cream into a bowl. Make sure the bowl is dry or else it won’t whip up as nicely.
3-Get a hand mixer with a whisk attachment.
4-Get 2 paper towels and put a hole in the middle for your beater to fit into. Lay the paper towels over the top of the bowl. You don’t have to do this but sometimes it will splash all over while you mix it and create a big mess.
5-Mix the cream for about 2 minutes or until the cream has thickened.
6-Add the powdered sugar and vanilla and mix again.
7-Lick the beater
8-Clean up mess.
9-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!

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