Swedish Pancakes


This Swedish Pancake recipe is one my family has been using for over 45 years. My mom lived in Sweden for 2 years and got this recipe while living there. She would make them for us all the time. We called them Big Pancakes because that’s how we would tell them apart from regular pancakes. We would eat them with regular Maple Flavored syrup.

swedish pancakes

Since then I’ve discovered the caramel syrup and when you add the bananas and cream it becomes the best breakfast ever. Mostly because it tastes like a dessert.

swedish pancakes-cream

The batter is super easy to make but flipping them is where it might take some practice.

First, crack your eggs in a bowl and mix it until it’s more lemon colored.

swedish pancakes-eggs

Add your milk and mix again. Put a sieve over your mix and add the flour, sugar, and eggs in the sieve. Tap the sieve on your hand until it all falls through.

swedish pancakes-sieve

You don’t have to use the sieve but it makes the batter less lumpy.

swedish pancakes-mix

The batter should look like this. It might still have a few lumps but it’s not a huge deal. Just try to mix it as good as you can.

swedish pancakes-ready batter

I like to spray my griddle or use some butter to grease it so it doesn’t stick. It will all depend on what you are cooking them on. Mine is getting a little old and needs the extra grease so it doesn’t stick.

I like to use a measuring cup to pour the batter onto a hot griddle (375 degrees) and spread it around using the bottom of the cup. It takes about 1/2 cup of batter per Swedish Pancake.

swedish pancakes-griddle

It doesn’t always come out to be a perfect circle and it’s okay. Once it has dried up a little and you are able to get under the pancake with a spatula, then it’s time to flip it over. Do it quickly so it doesn’t break.

swedish pancakes-griddle cooked

Put it onto plate and put your syrup on. It doesn’t take a lot of syrup because these pancakes don’t absorb the syrup like some pancakes do. If you wanted to add thinly sliced bananas and cream then now is the time to do it too.

Now get a fork and put the pancake through one spoke of the fork close to the end of the circle. Now just turn the fork and the pancake will start to roll up.

swedish pancakes-roll step 1

It rolls up really easy if you don’t have extra filling. You might have to use your hands a little if you do have filling.

swedish pancakes-roll step 2

Keep going until it’s all rolled up. Once it is, you can just cut through it with your fork and it’s really easy.

swedish pancakes-cutting

It will be a spiral inside and be oh so pretty and delicious.

swedish pancakes-rolled up

Swedish Pancakes

3 Eggs
1 ¼ Cup Milk
¾ Cup Flour
1 Tbsp. Sugar
½ tsp Salt

1-Make sure you have all your ingredients and clean your work area.
2-Turn your griddle on to about 375 degrees and let it heat up.
3-Crack your eggs into a medium size bowl (or crack into a small cup one at a time to make sure you don’t get any shells in the pancakes.
4-Whip the eggs really well until it’s lighter and lemon colored.
5-Add the milk and mix.
6-You’ll need to put a sieve over your eggs and milk and add your flour, sugar, and salt into it. Shake the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. If you don’t have a sieve then it’s okay.
7-Mix it all together.
8-Add spray or butter to the griddle and use a scoop to dump and spread batter on the griddle. I like the use the bottom of the measuring cup to spread it around more thin.
9-Once it starts to dry up on the top then you can flip it. Do it quickly so it doesn’t break apart. It will take some practice.
10-Continue until the pancake batter is all gone.
11-We like to eat these with caramel syrup, cut up bananas, and whipped cream.
12-Clean up the mess.
13-Eat, Share, Enjoy!!!